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Intitulé: Adaptive Computational Models of Human Movement to Support Learnability in Embodied Interaction
Type d’offre d’emploi: Offre de thèse
Détails de l’offre: Détail de l’offre :—————————————
ANR Project ELEMENT: ​Enabling Learnability in Embodied Movement Interaction
Supervision​: Yacine Bellik, Jules Françoise
Lab​: AMI Team, LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay (​​)
Dates:​ Start Jan 2019 – Mar 2019 (duration: 3 years).
—————————————CONTEXTBecause memorizing and executing gestures is challenging for users, most current approaches to movement-based interaction consider intuitive interfaces and trivial gesture vocabularies. While these facilitate adoption, they also limit users’ potential for more complex, expressive and truly embodied interaction. Considering movement-based interaction beyond the mouse-keyboard paradigm, the ANR project ELEMENT (​Enabling Learnability in Embodied Movement Interaction​) proposes to shift the focus from ​intuitiveness​ towards ​learnability​: new interaction paradigms require users to develop specific sensorimotor skills compatible with – and transferable between, – digital interfaces (including video interface, mobile devices, internet of things, game interfaces). With learnable interactions, novice users should be able to approach a new system with a difficulty adapted to their expertise, then the system should be able to carefully adapt to the improving motor skills, and eventually enable complex, expressive and engaging interactions. The long-term aim is to foster innovation in multimodal interaction, from assistive technologies to media interaction in creative applications.The project ELEMENT is coordinated by Ircam (Paris), and also involves LRI (Orsay) and LIMSI (Orsay). The PhD candidate is expected to strongly interact with other PhD students and postdocs in the project, and will work in collaboration with all partners.
Date limite de candidature: 2018-12-02
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